• MKE DNC 2020

Milwaukee 2020: One Year Out

We are just one year away from welcoming the Democratic National Convention to Milwaukee! The Host Committee is so excited to shine a global spotlight on this beautiful city—so we’re starting today, with a new video that shows off Milwaukee’s diversity, spirit, and ongoing renaissance.

As the president of the Milwaukee 2020 Host Committee, I know that our responsibility is not just to delegates or the DNC. Our job is to host a meaningful and safe convention, build generational capacity, and make a positive impact on the city and region. This is not just a convention in Milwaukee, it’s a convention with Milwaukee.

As the convention generates an incredible economic impact, the Host Committee will focus on ensuring significant community participation. Here’s how:

- We’ll engage community liaisons that will reach youth and families in neighborhoods throughout the region.

- We’ll recruit, train, and deploy a diverse 15,000-member volunteer corps that can go on to support other grassroots efforts long after the convention.

- To encourage youth participation, we’ll pay interns a living $15/hour wage.

- We’ll expand opportunity for all with a focus on minority, veteran, LGBTQ, disabled, and women-owned businesses in a space that will be—intentionally, relentlessly—anti-racism and anti-hate.

- We’ll raise money between now and the convention, including grassroots fundraising from small-dollar donors who believe in our mission.

- This effort will require everyone’s help to be successful, so we hope you will do what you can with what you have, in the Milwaukee spirit, to help us make this the best Democratic National Convention in history.

You can start by sharing our new video on social media with the hashtag #DNCMKE. Retweet us, share with your Facebook friends, or add it to your Instagram Story. We want as many people as possible to get this sneak peek at Milwaukee.

Thank you for being with us from the beginning. Now the countdown—and the work—begins!

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