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Brainchild Studios (BCS) is a boutique digital content marketing and website creation agency primarily serving brands targeting millennial moms and nonprofits supporting women and children through customer research and digital strategies. However, we also actively serve service-based brands targeting women as well as women-founded or women-owned companies.We are nimble. Our small size and flexibility allow us to adapt to client’s needs quickly and efficiently. We strive to cut the fluff from our process by quickly and accurately identifying our client’s goals and purpose for a project and then track ourselves at every step of the way to ensure we’re driving towards that purpose, optimizing our process, and delivering the results our clients need.We are headquartered in Milwaukee, but operate as a virtual agency allowing us and our team ultimate flexibility in our working conditions. We have four employees, about a dozen vetted and consistent independent contractors, and a dedicated web development team to support our digital services. We provide with the same quality of service and deliverables as the big agencies and pride ourselves on our approachability, work ethic, and expertise. Why wouldn’t we though, when our team members (who are primarily millennial women) average 7-10 years of industry experience in their respective fields.At BCS, we utilize customer research and behavioral tendencies to drive our strategies and increase conversions for our clients. Our main focus is providing top-of-the-line digital content marketing and website creation services, that solve our clients’ business needs.You can expect the following when working with Brainchild Studios:Ease. We want to make our clients’ lives as easy as possible and provide them with a strong online foundation to grow their businesses.Expertise. We have a team of about two dozen seasoned experts to provide recommendations for and execution of customized websites and digital strategies for our clients.Friendliness. We want to make our mothers proud, so we will always engage with you in a polite, kind, respectful and well-intentioned manner. We might add in a few puns along the way, just for good measure.Transparency. We don’t like tricks and we bet you don’t either. So no tricks. No surprises. At least not the unwelcome kind. Everything will be clearly laid out in this contract and we’ll make sure we’re on the same page through regular check-ins.Performance. While we will never guarantee landing on the first page of Google or a piece of content going viral, we always prioritize performance, which is reflected in our reporting and insights.We offer a variety of services ranging from our Brand Control Workshop to Customer Research to digital content marketing execution to website creation. We want to make it easy for our clients to tell their story online. Each client has their own story to tell. We want to help get that story told.Because let’s be honest, we all love a good story.


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