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Questions about...

  • Hair/Nail Salons

  • Spas

  • Athletic Fields

  • Boats

  • Gymnasiums

  • Office Buildings

  • Markets

  • Art Galleries

What is a venue?

A venue is any location where people can gather. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Restaurants

  • Bars

  • Nightclubs

  • Ballrooms

  • Event Spaces

  • Theaters

  • Cinemas

  • Museums

Why should I sign up on the Host Committee’s venue portal?

The information collected on the portal will be utilized to create a Milwaukee Venue Guide that will be distributed via the Milwaukee 2020 Host Committee website, as well as to organizations that reach out to the Host Committee for venue assistance.

What should I do if someone expresses interest in booking my space?

Before booking any event during the hold period of July 9, 2020 - July 16, 2020, please contact the Milwaukee 2020 events team at

People are already calling me to book my space. Why should I sign up with you?

While some organizations might be doing their own research and contacting venues directly, the vast majority will be contacting the Host Committee events team for guidance. It is the goal of the Milwaukee 2020 events team that every event finds the right home.

My venue is not located in downtown Milwaukee. Can I still submit my venue to the portal?

Yes! We want any and all venues in Milwaukee and the surrounding counties to be a part of the convention.

Can I send this information to other venues?

Yes! Please send any interested venues to our Venue Sign-Up page.

I do not have professional pictures of my event space. Do I have to hire a photographer to take pictures to submit to the portal?

No! Pictures are a great resource to help give people the best understanding of your space, but they by no means need to be taken by a professional photographer. While we would like at least one picture of your venue, a high quality photo taken on a cell phone

will work.

The venue portal sign-up sheet is really long. Do you need all of that information?

The more information you can provide, the more information people will have to consider when looking at potential spaces, and the more likely you are to book an event. Please fill out as much of the form as possible. If you have any questions, please contact the Milwaukee 2020 events team at



Am I able to make changes to my venue on the portal?

Once you have submitted information about your venue to the portal, you are unable to make changes to the submission on your own. If you need to make small edits, please send them to If you need to redo a venue listing, please fill out a new form and inform


If/When we book an event, will our venue be taken off the portal?

Once your venue is completely booked, it will be taken off the portal. 


My venue is not in Milwaukee. Can I still submit it to the portal?

Yes! Organizations and groups will be able to search the portal geographically. We will have visitors staying in many communities throughout the region and state, and we want any and all venues in those areas to be a part of the convention. 


What if I decide not to book an event in my venue during the DNC?

That’s okay! We are encouraging venues to be creative and ready to welcome small group reservations and walk-ins. Find unique ways to attract guests, such as creating a special item on your menu or televising the convention. There are expected to be 50,000 visitors in Milwaukee during the convention, and they are all looking for places to celebrate this historic opportunity!


How do I use the portal to showcase ALL of my spaces, such as inside versus outside? Should I submit different entries for each space?

Please submit a separate entry for each event space or location of your business. However, we do not need a different entry for every room within a single event space. 

What is the difference between the venue and vendor portals? If I have a venue and catering services, should I utilize both portals?

The venue portal is meant for event spaces only, but that includes a wide variety of options all over the greater Milwaukee area, including wedding venues, restaurants, bars, warehouse space, open storefronts, and more. If you can host an event in your space, submit the information to the venue portal! If you are looking to provide goods and services for the 2020 Democratic National Convention, please submit your information to the vendor portal. 



Can I send out final contracts for events that want to book with us?

If you are a Friend of the Good Land, we ask that you do not send out final contracts at this time. Please inform the Host Committee when you have a final request utilizing the final request form. We will inform you via email or call when you can send out a final contract to the organization or group. 


If I am a Friend of the Good Land, when will I find out that an event has been approved to be in my space?

We are expecting an estimated 1,500 events planned across the city during convention week, so our goal is to be as proactive as possible and think through every logistical consideration in order to make this a seamless and safe experience for convention guests and the entire city. We're working in consultation with our security team to determine event placement and look forward to having that plan rolled out in the next few months. 


Do any companies wait to book until a candidate is determined to be the nominee? 

Most organizations/groups are proactive about booking spaces before the nominee is determined. We are encouraging all venues not to wait to sell their space.


How will we be notified when you have a referral, opportunity, or connection for us (i.e. email, call, etc.)?

Venues will be informed via an email or call from the Host Committee events team. However, please note that some organizations or groups do these types of events all the time and all over the country, and they may do their own research and reach out to you directly. There is no need to wait for the Host Committee to show your space, talk dates, talk pricing, etc. Sell your space! 


How many organizations/groups utilize an event planner for their events? How does that referral process work if they go through the Host Committee?

A number of organizations/groups have their own events planning team, but some will be looking for event planners – someone on the ground with local knowledge and relationships. 



Will the neighborhoods outside of the security zone see and experience the economic impact?

Plenty of visitors will not have credentials to be in the security perimeter and will be looking for things to do around the city. All neighborhoods will have the chance to show off their capabilities and attractions. 


What can we do to attract guests of the DNC into neighborhoods outside of the downtown area?

Suggestions from previous convention officials include: look for last minute reservations, Stay close to and communicate with the Host Committee, and utilize empty storefronts for events. The Host Committee will be using a variety of avenues to communicate information to guests for convention week as well. Further, if you have a hotel in your neighborhood, partner with them to share information, offer coupons for guests, and more.


Milwaukee is a city of festivals. Will there be any free festivals during or related to the DNC?

This decision is still to be determined.


Will legislation be passed to offer extended hours for bars, restaurants, and venues during the DNC?

While the Host Committee does not control these decisions, we will be sure to share updates related to this legislation as they are released. Stay tuned. 


Why should locals stay in the area and enjoy downtown during the convention? 

The Host Committee will be promoting the city to locals in addition to guests visiting for the convention. We want this to be a convention with Milwaukee, and we hope locals stay to enjoy and experience the convention.


Should we adjust our pricing based on whether we are inside or outside of the perimeter?

Don’t gouge people, as it could lead to poor reviews on the internet and/or in the media. If you do decide to charge more, be able to explain the rationale to your customers. Keep in mind that these are regular people coming into town. Do what you feel is best for business and fair to guests.

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