It’s all hands on deck, folks. We need your help to make this the best convention in history!


Check out the FAQ below for more information about volunteering for the Milwaukee 2020 Host Committee and the Democratic National Convention, which will be held the week of August 17.


Have a specific question? Email volunteer@milwaukee2020.com.

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How do I sign up to volunteer?

You’re in the right place! Click the “Create Account” button on this page to begin the volunteer registration process and build your volunteer profile. Once you have an account on our portal, you will be able to view volunteer opportunities and apply for shifts as they become available.   


Why should I volunteer? 

By signing up to volunteer, you will join a history-making team that delivers a positive experience to visitors, showcases Milwaukee to the world, and leaves a lasting legacy on the community. In addition, you’ll have an opportunity to make new friends, learn new skills, and more.


When can I volunteer?

There will be volunteer opportunities both in the months and weeks leading up to the convention and during the big event itself. Convention and pre-convention opportunities will occur at various times throughout the day, and, for some opportunities, you’ll be able to sign up for the shifts that best align with your schedule.


What type of time commitment should I expect to give?

The time commitment will vary depending on your volunteer role and availability. There will be opportunities to pitch in for a few hours, and opportunities to volunteer every day during convention week.  


When will volunteer opportunities become available on the portal?

Volunteer opportunities will be listed on a rolling basis and will be posted with higher frequency as we get closer to the convention. Please check the portal early and often to make sure you’re aware of all of the exciting opportunities to pitch in. 


How are volunteers selected? 

When volunteer opportunities open up, you will be able to apply for the roles and shifts that complement your interests and schedule through our volunteer portal. While we will try to match volunteers’ interests and skills to the available openings, we cannot guarantee volunteers will be placed in any particular position. Of course, if individuals do not want to volunteer for the role or position to which they are assigned, they are free not to do so. 


*Please note that registering through our volunteer portal does not guarantee a volunteer assignment. 


What would I be doing as a volunteer? 

While every volunteer’s experience will be different, categories may include the following:


  • Administrative and Office Support — Volunteers who support the call center, respond to phone and web-based inquiries, and provide language and translation services. 

  • Green Team (Sustainability) — Volunteers who assist in educating visitors about the convention’s resource recovery system, which will include recycling, composting, food recovery, and materials donation. 

  • Hospitality and Hotel — Volunteers who ensure delegates and visitors have a positive visit to Milwaukee. Volunteers may be greeting visitors at hotels, the airport, the Amtrak train station, and bus/shuttle stops, as well as providing support at various hotels. Additionally, volunteers will serve as ambassadors throughout the downtown area. 

  • Operations, Logistics, and Delivery Support — Volunteers who ensure processes, materials, and distributions are managed efficiently. Volunteers may serve as couriers and runners, as well as respond to operational requests for support. 

  • Press and Communications — Volunteers who assist the communications team with media logistics, press inquiries, engaging visiting press, and similar responsibilities during the convention. Volunteers are needed to help at a variety of sites where convention activities and related events will take place to help provide positive impressions of Milwaukee to the media. 

  • Social Media — Volunteers who digitally capture and post stories on social media to increase the online visibility of the convention’s historic events.

  • Technology and IT — Volunteers who can provide their technical support and expertise. Volunteers respond to incoming queries, coordinate software and hardware, and support technical logistics as needed. 

  • Transportation — Volunteers who facilitate transit and loading for shuttle buses and assist with other driving needs. 

  • Venue and Event Support — Volunteers who ensure convention-related events run smoothly. They may be greeters, credential checkers, hall guides, or runners at various convention-related and Host Committee events.

  • Volunteer Leaders — Team captains who manage groups of volunteers and assist with deployment and field support. Leadership roles are best suited to those with high levels of organization, management, and coordination. 

How old do I need to be to volunteer?

We are excited that there will be volunteer opportunities for people of all ages leading up to the convention. During the convention itself, we are looking for volunteers that are 16 years and older. If you are under the age of 18, please have a parent or legal guardian nearby as you are completing the portal registration form, as you will need their signed consent. 


Can I volunteer if I have a disability?

Yes! We welcome all people to participate in this historic event and value the diverse experience that seniors and people with disabilities bring to the convention. You can request a reasonable accommodation or program modification for disability on our portal registration form. 


Do I need to live in Milwaukee to volunteer?

No. You do not need to live in Milwaukee or Wisconsin to participate in volunteer opportunities with the Host Committee or the convention. 


Is housing provided for volunteers? 

Similar to other events of this size and scale, volunteers who are coming to Milwaukee from out-of-town are responsible for finding their own lodging. Please keep in mind that area hotels may be fully or near-fully booked, so we recommend looking into alternate arrangements, such as staying with family or friends who live in or around the metro area. 


Is transportation provided for volunteers? 

Volunteers are responsible for their own transportation. However, if a volunteer activity requires transit during the shift, the Host Committee will cover transit costs related to that activity. Additionally, if you are interested in volunteering as a driver during the convention, you will not be asked to provide your own vehicle. 


Will I receive volunteer training? 

Yes! All volunteers will receive a broad training in the weeks leading up to the convention. Depending on your specific role, you may also be required to attend a specialized training session. 


Will I be screened as part of the volunteer selection process? 

All volunteer roles will require some level of security screening, but the level of screening will vary depending on your role. 


Can I register to volunteer with a group? How does that work? 

Many of our volunteer opportunities will be suitable for groups. Please contact volunteer@milwaukee2020.com if your organization or company would like to register as a group. Each member of your team will need to individually register within our volunteer portal, and there will be a field to indicate your group code during the registration process. When role and shift selection become available, your group will need to coordinate to select the same opportunities.

If I sign up to volunteer for the Democratic National Convention, can I attend the event as a guest?

The convention itself requires credentials and is not open to the public. Additionally, the Host Committee cannot guarantee access to convention-related events. 

How can I get in touch with the Milwaukee 2020 Volunteer Team? 

Our team is here to help! If this FAQ did not answer your question(s), please contact volunteer@milwaukee2020.com, and someone from our team will respond as quickly as possible.


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