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Frequently Asked Questions: Volunteering

Why are volunteers so important to the Milwaukee 2020 Host Committee and the convention?

During the Democratic National Convention, which will be held from July 13 to 16, 2020, and in the weeks leading up to the event, we will welcome thousands of guests and delegates to Milwaukee and the surrounding region. Some of them will be visiting the city for the first time, and our volunteer team will be the first smiles they encounter and a friendly source of information.


Our volunteers will serve as Milwaukee 2020 Host Committee ambassadors, joining a history-making team that welcomes and delivers a positive experience to thousands of visitors from around the country and world, inspiring them to plan return trips to Milwaukee.


Why should individuals volunteer with the Host Committee? 

Volunteering with the Host Committee offers individuals a unique, non-partisan opportunity to support Milwaukee as the host city of the Democratic National Convention. As representatives of Milwaukee, volunteers highlight the city’s history, resources, and amenities, ensuring both positive visitor experiences and a successful, fun convention. Volunteering allows individuals to take part in a large-scale civic experience, and the Host Committee appreciates the support of the thousands of volunteers we will need to plan and execute a successful convention. 


When does volunteering occur?

Volunteers will be needed in abundance during the week of the convention, and there will also be some volunteer opportunities available in the months leading up to the event. Convention and pre-convention opportunities will occur at various times throughout the day, and, for some opportunities, volunteers will be able to sign up for the shifts that best align with their schedules.

How many volunteers are needed? 

The Host Committee is looking to build a force of approximately 15,000 volunteers to make the 2020 Democratic National Convention the best convention in history. 

What type of time commitment should volunteers expect to give?

The time commitment will vary depending on a volunteer’s role and availability. There will be opportunities to work for a few hours and opportunities to volunteer every day during convention week.  


Do volunteers need to live in Milwaukee to participate?

No. Individuals do not need to live in Milwaukee or Wisconsin to participate in volunteer opportunities for the Host Committee or the convention. 

What support will volunteers provide? 

Volunteers are critical to ensuring a safe and successful convention, as well as providing a positive experience for guests and residents alike. While volunteer roles will vary and will be specific to our needs prior to and throughout the convention, categories may include the following:


  • Volunteer Leaders — Team captains who manage groups of volunteers and assist with deployment and field support. Leadership roles are best-suited to those with high levels of organization, management, and coordination. 

  • Administrative and Office Support — Volunteers who support the call center, respond to phone and web-based inquiries, and provide language and translation services. 

  • Hospitality and Hotel — Volunteers who ensure that delegates and visitors have a positive stay in Milwaukee. Volunteers may be greeting visitors at hotels, the airport, the Amtrak train station, and bus/shuttle stops, as well as providing support at various hotels. Additionally, volunteers will serve as ambassadors throughout the downtown area. 

  • Operations, Logistics, and Delivery Support — Volunteers who ensure that processes, materials, and distributions are managed efficiently. Volunteers may serve as couriers and runners, as well as respond to operational requests for support. 

  • Press and Communications — Volunteers who assist the communications team with media logistics, press inquiries, engaging visiting press, and similar responsibilities during the convention. Volunteers are needed to help at a variety of sites where convention activities and related events will take place to help provide positive impressions of Milwaukee to the media. 

  • Social Media — Volunteers who digitally capture and post stories on social media to increase the online visibility of the convention’s historic events.

  • Technology and IT — Volunteers who can provide their technical support and expertise. Volunteers respond to incoming queries, coordinate software and hardware, and support technical logistics as needed. 

  • Transportation — Volunteers that facilitate transit and loading for shuttle buses and assist with other driving needs. 

  • Venue and Event Support — Volunteers who ensure that convention-related events run smoothly. They may be greeters, credential checkers, hall guides, or runners at various convention-related and Host Committee events.

Can individuals needing special accommodations and accessibility volunteer?

Yes. We welcome volunteers of all ability and access levels, and there are many opportunities that are suitable for volunteers who need accommodations.


Is housing provided for volunteers? 

The Host Committee is very grateful to those interested in volunteering with us for the Democratic National Convention. However, we are currently unable to provide housing or hotel accommodations to our volunteers. Groups or individuals from out of town who are interested in pursuing volunteer opportunities with the Host Committee are responsible for finding their own lodging, similar to other large-scale events. Please keep in mind that area hotels may be fully or near fully booked, and we recommend looking into alternate arrangements, such as staying with family or friends who live in or around the metro area. 


Is transportation provided for volunteers? 

Volunteers are responsible for their own transportation. However, some volunteer activities may require transit during the shift. If that is the case, the Host Committee will cover transit costs related to that volunteering activity. 


Will volunteers receive training? 

Yes. All volunteers will receive a broad training in the weeks leading up to the convention. Depending on specific roles, volunteers may be required to attend an additional specialized training. 


How are volunteers selected? Will there be a screening process? 

Volunteers will be able to sign up for the roles and shifts that complement their interests and schedules once the volunteer portal has launched, which we expect to happen by early 2020. While we will try to match volunteers’ interests and skills to the available openings, we cannot guarantee volunteers will be placed in any particular position. Of course, if individuals do not want to volunteer for the role or position they are assigned, they are free not to do so. 


All volunteer roles will require security vetting, but the level of this security screening will vary depending on the role. 


Registering with and through the Host Committee does not guarantee a volunteer assignment. 


Will there be a special event just for volunteers? 

Yes. The 2020 Democratic National Convention would not be possible without the support of a dedicated 15,000-member volunteer corps. We are grateful to those thousands of volunteers for their time and will hold a Volunteer Appreciation Party in Milwaukee during the week of the convention. This event will be open to all active and confirmed volunteers. 


Are there group volunteer opportunities? What is the group registration process? 

Many of the volunteer categories are suitable for groups. For example, greeting guests at the airport, train stations, and events are amenable to large groups of volunteers. Each group member will need to individually register within the volunteer registration system once it has launched. There will be a field to indicate group affiliation during the registration process. When role and shift selection become available, individuals will need to coordinate to select the same slots. 

Can volunteers attend the Democratic National Convention as guests?

The convention itself requires credentials and is not open to the public. Additionally, the Host Committee cannot guarantee access to convention-related events. 


How can volunteers ensure they are on the Host Committee’s list?

If a volunteer has received an email from, they are on our list. Volunteers should add our volunteer email address to their contacts and check their spam folders to make sure they don’t miss us. If a volunteer has signed up but has not received an email communication, they should re-submit their information and look out for an auto-reply to confirm they are on our list. 

Is there a way to contact the Host Committee directly regarding volunteer-related questions?

Yes. Please email with your question(s), and someone from our team will respond as promptly as possible.

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